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This is our 3rd year & we couldn't be more excited to announce our Phase one lineup! In addition to an array of talented singer songwriters we will also have some amazing DJ's & Hip-Hop Artists. For returning family we are taking things to a whole new level of Awesome! New Venue, New Talent & an Up-Leveled container. For those of you who are just joining us, WELCOME! We know how to have an amazing time whilst creating a wellness-focused inclusive environment that is as much fun for the kids as it is the adults. In this sentiment, we encourage our guests to come as they are and embrace their sobriety. In addition to amazing music with a potent message, we will be providing an array of workshops, creative happenings, and opportunities to move your body through Yoga & Dance. For those wishing to go deeper into these elements we recommend purchasing a Jedi ticket that includes additional programming. We work hard in order to create a container that is fortified by commitment and ask that you join us for the entire weekend. We offer meal plans+RV Camping+Cabin Rentals+Pet passes+Kids tickets. We do not plan to sell day passes at this time.

-The Eclectic Collective

While there is much unrest & injustice during this time, there is also a new world emerging in the hearts & minds of a global community dedicated to the prayer of peace and liberation. With the greater awareness of our privilege & responsibility, we gather knowing that coming together in a good way makes a difference.

*Health & Safety Policy: At LionsGate we take safety very seriously. We also take play seriously. The paradox of freedom & responsibility is a line we walk with reverence. Our goal is to create Transformational Experiences & we understand the integrity of the space is paramount. In short, the work we do can only be as powerful as the container we do it in. For this reason, we have a zero tolerance policy with predation & belligerence. Our team will be on call 24 hours a day for any issues that may arise. Our protocol around conflict resolution has been well formulated to not only create accountability, but also to offer due process. We do not participate in cancel culture! Instead, we provide opportunities to call each other in to higher levels of integrity. That said… if behavior is deemed unsafe by an individual, we will revoke access to the space without refund. Our clear boundaries and well-trained staff ensure that innocence & the creative human spirit will have a place to thrive.

*Substance Policy: As stated we promote wellness and sobriety first and foremost! We will not be vending alcohol and do not allow open use of illicit substances. At the same time, we believe in the value of autonomy at our events and will not be policing attendees unless a conflict arises. Please keep the use of any mind-altering substances to a respectful & medicinal minimum while keeping in mind the importance of creating a wholesome environment for our children.

We are incredibly excited about our new venue! Nestled in over 4000 acres of pristine forest this retreat center will provide a commercial kitchen, indoor event space, cabins, pavilions, flushing toilets & hot showers. Hundreds of campsites surround the nucleus of the main building which will become our center city for a time. As always we will have Vendors Village, Kidz Zone, Healing Grove, Community Wellness, Indigenous Village & the Sacred Fire which will hosts all sorts of talent.  We are also excited to announce our collaboration with the leaders of Mythica, MoonBloom, PermaJam & The Dance of Universal Peace. We believe Diversity is Resilience!



This the premium ticket that includes access on Thursday, camping, meal plan, and additional programming.



This ticket includes entry on Friday, camping & access to all programming.


Meal Plan

We will provide daily Breakfast Snack & Dinner Sourced Locally to the best of our ability with Vegetarian, Vegan & GF options. Please bring your own utensils!



KIDS age 5-15
under 4 is FREE


RV PASS (9 remaining)

Premium Parking Space, No Hook Ups



Beautiful Wooden Cabin Centrally Located with 8 bunks!



Bring your dog! This fee includes a group safety meeting, a colored bandana for your dog, and materials for collecting and disposing of dog waste.

Total: $0.00



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